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The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing: A Book for Procrastinators, the Financially Challenged, and Everyone Who Worries About Dealing with Their Money

By Paul B. Farrell, J.D., Ph.D.
ISBN: 0446531685 Hardcover  336 pages 6 x 9 WARNER BOOKS  
Not Yet on publication
Book for Procrastinators, the Financially Challenged, and Everyone Who worries about dealing with their money.

You don't trust your brokers as far as you can drop-kick them. Stock market listings make your eyes swim. And you'd rather watch paint dry than study financial statements. Guess what! There's a simple, hassle-free, time-tested, and low-cost way to outsmart the experts and gain financial security...


In this straightforward and easy-to-follow guide, nationally known columnist and stock market commentator Dr. Paul Farrell shows you exactly how to build wealth with your personal portfolio or 401(k)-even if you hate numbers and finance. In fact, you'll discover that the Wall Street wonder boys, the brokers who play "portfolio management" with other peoples' money, quietly invest their own private nest eggs in the same way that Dr. Farrell suggests you invest yours. You'll learn:

Why you don't need a stockbroker or financial planner-and may do better without one

The Couch Potato, the No-Brainer, and other easy-to-understand investment techniques-that make money for you without making you sit up and worry at night

How to use as few as two mutual funds to sock away your money and virtually forget it-while it multiplies more reliably than 90 percent of actively managed portfolios

Why you should never, never, never have to pay a brokerage commission again-not for a mutual fund, or even for a common stock

How to adjust your investments once a year, in less time than it takes to microwave a potato-unlike full-time day traders, trend watchers, and stock market nerds, you can build a retirement nest egg of a million bucks or more and still have a life!

Free hint: The sooner you start, the more your money can grow and compound-until you're ready to put a kid through college or retire. That's why you need to start relaxing with THE LAZY PERSON'S GUIDE TO INVESTING today!


Most people think that you have to buy and sell the right stocks at the right time to make big money on Wall Street. In this enlightening, entertaining guide, veteran financial commentator Dr. Paul Farrell shows you how to grow a seven-figure nest egg without midnight jitters, time-consuming study, or paying a nickel in commissions to stockbrokers and others who get their piece of the pie by helping themselves to a chunk of yours.

"Market timing is for chumps," says Dr. Farrell. "You want a portfolio that works without you having to sit through any schooling about what to buy, when to sell, how to mix and allocate, what to pay, where the heck the economy and the market are going." Now one book teaches you how to create and use that kind of portfolio-where the only excitement you get is from the millionaire's nest egg you collect in the end... THE LAZY PERSON'S GUIDE TO INVESTING